Monday, 13 November 2017

Moving Out in Cyberjaya

I have been busy for weeks for moving out phase. I am moving out from terrace to a condo house also in Cyberjaya.

So there is so much help from latest tech that can help mea ease the journey of moving stuff.

To start off, we hunt for the house using apps like mudah and also iProperty. But mudah help us (me and wife) to find a suitable agent.

Then we use MaidEasy to book a move-in package cleaning. It's cost about RM275 for a 1000sqft house.

Then we use app to book for moving in lorry. I tried using their web app and also their native iOS app too. I had problem when to enter the coupon code which can give 10% of the discount, but not working on both on app and website. We used 3-tonned lorry with 2 workers. It cost about RM420.

We bought some boxes about 20 boxes, from the box, we not purchase online but go to their store at Endah Parade, Bukit Jalil. They also sell other things like bubble and wrap for move-out process.

All in all, we are happy of moving out and we can have a better life moving forward.

Till then.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

iPad Pro with iOS 11 and Apple Pencil

I got my hands on iPad Pro with iOS 11, which I am using almost a week now. I have iPads before, namely, iPad 2, iPad 3 (with retina display) and the last one is the iPad mini which I bought in Singapore in 2013 while attending iOS 7 Kitchen. Fast forward this year is 2017 and I have not has interest in new iPad like almost 4 years. Because it’s not that compelling so much to use iPad when you have iPhone, and it’s not so mobile and the capability is almost the same like iPhone, right?

Well that’s is pretty much change with iOS 11. Many productivity features has added into iPad, and many are exclusive for iPad. 

Actually I bought this iPad Pro because of the Pencil, and with the new iPad Pro size of 10.5 and iOS 11, all become more attractive. 

Apps that utilize of the Pencils are: SketchBook, Graphic, Notability and Adobe Draw. I am not an artist but still have skill with penciling. 

On the top of that using this new iPad Pro, I can try out some neat stuff with ARKit. 

And, I found out the iPad Pro is very useful to take note when you learn something on the web or tutorial. Like learning programming, or planning app development.

Till on the next post. iPhone 8 / 8 Plus is coming to Malaysia this 20th October.

iPhone 8 64GB ( RM 3,649 )
iPhone 8 256GB ( RM 4,399 )

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB ( RM 4,149 )
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB ( RM 4,899 )

Meanwhile iPhone X (ten)’s price also known on the Apple website for Malaysian market, but yet to know when there are available.

iPhone X 64GB ( RM 5,149 )
iPhone X 256GB ( RM 5,899 )


For comparison to older iPhones.

iPhone 7 32GB ( RM 2,749 )
iPhone 7 128GB ( RM 3,249 )

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB ( RM 3,349 )
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB ( RM 3,849 )

Monday, 25 September 2017

iPhone X and its predecessor

Yes in the middle of this month Apple announced the new super-major generation upgrade since iPhone 2G in 2007, the iPhone X. Back in 2007 iPhone was a revolutionary phone. It was. The iconic home button. Simple yet super powerful, it has been proven for 10 years and counting. 

Along the way Apple has perfected it’s craft. Let’s have some recap:

  • iPhone 2G: Home screen, big capacitive screen.
  • iPhone 3G: GPS
  • iPhone 3GS: Compass, Video Camera
  • iPhone 4: Retina display, selfie camera
  • iPhone 4s: Siri (virtual voice assistant)
  • iPhone 5: 16:9 screen ratio
  • iPhone 5s: Touch ID 
  • iPhone 6: NFC (for Apple Pay)
  • iPhone 6s: 3D touch
  • iPhone 7: dual camera, water resistant
  • iPhone 8: Wireless charging

Yes almost every iteration of iPhone there is new significant feature(s).

On the iPhone X, it’s about rethinking what an iPhone can be. Is anyway can be better?

Apple’s answer come to your face. Face ID. Face ID is a method to authenticate your phone with your face. 

Another thing is to make the iPhone all screen, and no home button at all. Apple use more gestures to manipulate functions that replacing home button.  

## iPhone as Life Style Produts 

Just like iPod, unlike MacBook, iPhone is an life style product. That is the factor that make the iPhone can be sold in massive number. We carry it everywhere, it’s designed to be not so tough, and become slower over time that we will keep upgrade it. And as we use it socially it impacts people around us to use purchase them too. And the phone is a necessity so people gonna buy it. There are lot of factor to buy iPhone as your next smartphone. Apps also one of them.

But, yet, Android came in, the price is become cheaper yet it’s seem reasonably good to use. For me Android democratise the modern smartphone. And Apple fan still will embrace the technology that Apple provide, well because we love new technology. 

And hey it’s shows when we use new iPhone X. The new vertical dual camera. We can post the animoji in Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget the studio lighting shots. 

For usability case, it’s not bigger than the Plus version, and it should be easier on the hand. 

## Summary

All in all, Apple has never been healthier nowadays. It keeps learning, R&D new stuff for our exciting future. At the same time, make Apple the biggest tech company, and super rich. 

As app company we understand what is Apple heading, and what kind of business that we can build upon their technologies. 

Saturday, 2 September 2017

September 2017: State of iReka

We had several discussion points for app businesses last month: for Cyberjaya city.

For Cyberjaya city, the council seems like the idea of having an app that can communicate among citizens in the city. In addition we can know what's happening and what's inside the city.

We have build a back-end system that stores: events, posts, POI, and push notification panel.

It's still on progress, but surely it's something fun to build and hopefully to be rewarding in the future.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Hello August, Malaysian National Month

Hello August. It's a Malaysian National Month.

We will celebrate our 60th Merdeka Independance Day on 31st August 2017.

We had some stuff to share on this month.

We are still in MaGIC, Cyberjaya.

We had meeting with CiC, Cyberjaya innovation Council for upcoming Cyberjaya Mobile Apps.

We also had meeting for closing the websystem for surveying for JAD Sensei.

Meeting with REKA for enhancement of Cyberjaya apps.

I also learn something from friend from ARLETA, also resides in CWS, Magic.

Also we learn more around inside the CWS, company like Sekai Property, CIEF, Everyweb and BotAhead.

It's a cool month. And don't forget to cheer 'merdeka' in the end of this month.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Hello July, Hello Q3 and H2

Officially this month enter the second half and Q3 of 2017. How time flies.

Critically what we thought here is as mobile devs, it can be though sometime to think about coding all the time.

Because programming, personally, for me can be hard. It requires more brain power. When you are not well, or sometime don't have the right feeling, programming can be tedious and hardship.

I know people out there also can find programming is hard, and just keep thinking programming is hard. But yeah, if it's more complex, with a lot of theory and logics that wired up together, things can get a magnitude harder than when it's in individual component.

## iReka Update

I personally like to use Expense App ( and we made some nice update on the app like be able to add more expense in history mode. Usually when we see the history, and sometime we think that we should add something, we will go back and add. But no more, because I added new expense in history view. And another thing I did was adding video preview on the app. Hope it can show how convenience of using widget to enter your expenses.

I am getting into the continuation of the past project, Uber for Battery project. It's getting more complex since it will add additional layer of managing inventory. Customer -> rider -> branch. That's all i can say for now.

Learning more WWDC, and testing out Xcode 9 beta, ARKit. Nothing much just try out some sample codes from the web.

## Wrap Up

Thanks for reading this and please let me know if anything specific do you want to know about app or web development.

Moving Out in Cyberjaya

I have been busy for weeks for moving out phase. I am moving out from terrace to a condo house also in Cyberjaya. So there is so much help...